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Saito Sensei, May 2000 in California

February 2014-latest updates coming at last!

Please send me any photographs and any stories of Saito Sensei's wife, whom we all know as okusan. There have been requests to bring some light onto her supportive and possibly heroic role over the years.

Morihiro Saito, 9th dan, shihan, and our aikido Sensei and friend, was with us from March 31, 1928 until May 12, 2002.

Let's follow photographically and anecdotally how this strong young farm boy developed into the man who continues to inspire us.


Saito Sensei was extremely well photographed for his many books and videos. However, this is a central place for us to share more informal and personal photos and memories. Let's enjoy photos and stories that remind us of the many-faceted person Saito Sensei was and the many good times we shared along the aiki-michi, and stay in touch as time marches on.

YouTube Videos

Links to informal online YouTube of Saito Sensei coming soon. Recommendations welcome!


You may have a favorite photo of Saito Sensei, Hitohiro, okusan, or others of the extensive Saito family. Please include the year and place, circumstances and names of individuals in the photo. E-mail your favorite Saito Sensei photographs and stories to Patricia Yarrow at, or by mail:

Patricia Yarrow
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Soren Andersen in Copenhagen, Denmark has launched a database of people who stayed in Iwama. If YOU stayed in Iwama, please email Soren Andersen ( of KÝbenhavns Aikido Klub ( your name and the dates you were there. For those of us who were there many times, just do your best to be complete. The link to the database will be posted here soon.


Alessandro Tittarelli ( of Iwama Shinshin Aiki Shuren Kai has a photo gallery with pictures of Osensei Ueshiba Morihei, Saito Hitohiro Sensei, Saito Morihiro Shihan.


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