1983 ~ The Tenugui Series


Ulf Evanås provided the tenugui brochure and scanned photographs.

TENUGUI A simple light cotten handtowel used for various daily activities such as dusting, or worn as a bandana or head covering.

Saito Sensei developed quite an array of "Possible Things You Can Do With A Tenugui (Hand-Towel). I last witnessed this performance in 1999 when some 30 Californians visited Iwama for the day and were treated to a classic dojo party. Sensei wore his blue "relaxing at home" traditional outfit. After presenting everyone with the Aikido tenugui, he ran through a hilarious and imaginative series of uses, to the delight of all. I had no idea he had been working on these since the 80's!

The following brochure feature Ulf Evanås from Sweden as uke and was brought to my attention by Bill Witt.

1983. 12 tenugui brochure for the Gothenburg Aikido Club.

1983. The original "12 Possible Uses for Tenugui" brochure that accompanied a tenugui for Ulf Evanås' Gothenburg Aikido Club's 30th anniverary, 1969-1999.

Photo: Ulf Evanås. Place: Just outside the dojo in Iwama.

1-Hatband for okusan

Tenugui. 1-Hatband for Okusan.

2-Face Towel

Tenugui. 2-Face Towel.


Tenugui. 3-Wipe the sweat off your face.

4-Back Scrubber

Tenugui. 4-Back Scrubber.

5-Luggage Strap

Tenugui. 5-Luggage Strap.

6-Sneak attack

Tenugui. Sneak Attack.


Tenugui. 7-Suicide.


Tenugui. 8-Handcuffs.


Tenugui. 9-Knife.


Tenugui. 10-Choker.


Tenugui. 11-Gag.


Tenugui. 12-Blindfold.