Hitohiro Saito Continues the Tradition

Saito Hitohiro Sensei (b. 12 February 1957) continues to promote Iwama aikido throughout the world, to the delight of practioners of the art. This page continues with the informal attitude of this website.

Hirohiro laughs at someone cutting up off camera.

From the February, 2002 Denver, Colorado, USA seminar

Hitohiro Sensei's Iwama dojo

Hitohiro Sensei's own dojo website for his organization, the Shinshin-Aiki Shurenkai (http://www.iwamaaikido.com/en/). The multi-lingual website includes information on affiliated dojos in Japan and worldwide, the Iwama training schedule and fees, and his grading requirements. The non-profit organization shows another aspect of Hitohiro and aikido in the larger community.

Photo: Patricia Yarrow, Denver, Colorado

1986. Party in Iwama. Hitohiro in a great jacket, with Carlos Nogueira (Aikido-Iwama-Brasil) and Takao Fukuda from nearby Hitachi.

Photo: Carlos Nogueira

86_with Carlos Nogueira of Aikido-Iwama-Brasil.

1987. Hitohiro and Derek Minus and the 'hot-air balloon' kami pre-flight purification. :-)

Photo: Derek Minus

Up, up, and away.

1987. Hitohiro and Saito Sensei in Iwama. Informal outdoor dining.

Photo: Derek Minus

BBQing with the Saito's.

1989. Hitohiro,Teruo San and Patricia Guerri from France, "who was handling the whisky bottle like a true expert!" and Hitohiro give Joerg Beile the infamous "Sayonara Nikkyo" in the dojo kitchen.

Photo: Alan Roberts, probably

1989. Joerge's sayonara nikkyo.

1989, summer. Joerg writes: "At the time going to the waterfall was mainly for taking a cold shower and only later people were doing it mostly for spiritual enlightenment. The advantage of the first approach: it was working every time!...The guy on the right is Alan Roberts, one of the pioneers of the second approach." Person in the back is unidentified.

Photo: unnamed photographer

1989. Waterfall.

September 1991. Hitohiro Sensei paints a daruma figure on the back of Joerg Beile's t-shirt. The two on the left are Torbjoern and Anders, from Sweden, and sporting the classic summer dojo "bar ber" hairstyle. This is in his former restaurant, the "Yoshida Teshoku," and now the home of uchi deshi visiting Iwama to train with him.

Photo: Joerg Beile

Daruma painting on t-shirt.

1998. Hitohiro before the Aiki jinja

Photo: Sonoko Tanaka for Aikido Journal

1998. Hitohiro in front of the Aiki jinja.

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